Environmentalists Beating Alarm on Amulsar Project Risks

Environmentalists Beating Alarm on Amulsar Project Risks


The environmentalists are beating an alarm signal on the risks of Amulsar Project. On 19 August 2016 the launch of Amulsar gold mine was officially marked. The implementation of this project will have a negative impact on Jermuk resort house, Lake Sevan, Vorotan-Arpa tunnel and the local environment – water resources and biodiversity, as it was mentioned by the speakers at the press conference held at EcoLur Press Club on 24 August. Amulsar gold mine is located on the borderline of Vayots Dzor and Syunik Regions. The mine shall be developed by Lydian International Company as represented by its subsidiary – Lydian Armenia Company. Presented the articles published by the mass media on this press conference.

Environmentalists: Amulsar Project Will Put End to Jermuk Biography

Hasmik Dilanyan, RadioLur,

Recently at the launch of mine development and construction works Armenian PM Hovik Abrahamyan attached much importance to the implementation of this project, the investment of foreign funds and outlined it will promote the economic development of the country.
Nevertheless, the environmentalists don't stop beating alarm signals, as a matter of fact, this project will eventually put an end to the biography of Jermuk, as a resort town.

Director of “Forests of Armenia” NGO, environmentalist Nazeli Vardanyan reminds all that only the mineral water in Czech Republic has the same composition as the mineral water in Jermuk. Now the fate of this mineral water is jeopardized, moreover, explosion works will also damage the drinking water springs in the town.

“Even when a building is constructed in Jermuk, no fundament explosions are carried out, as every shake may cause loss of water spring. The nitrogen compounds of open ores, nitrates and other chemical elements will pollute the underground basin of the water. That is, these waters will flow into Sevan, while Sevan catchment basin involves Kechout, Spandaryan and Arpa.”

Red-listed plants and species are also jeopardized, WWF Armenia Director Karen Manvelyan says. According to Levon Galstyan, the coordinator of Pan-Armenian Environmental Front, mine development is a myth. In 1961-1963 the Soviet geologists already examines Amulsar mine, which was called Kaqavasar mine at that time.

Environmentalists: Amulsar Mining Threat for Lake Sevan

Arus Hakobyan, http://www.azatutyun.am/a/27943533.html

Environmentalists are beating an alarm signal: Amulsar mining project poses a threat to biodiversity and, first of all, Lake Sevan.

In their opinion, the adversary effects of the mine located in a distance of 7 km from Jermuk resort town won’t be long.

According to Levon Galstyan, the coordinator of Pan-Armenian Environmental Front, the first damage will be caused to Sevan freshwater, “In a distance of around one km Vorotan-Arpa-Sevan tunnel passes and these acidic waters will affect not only in terms of tunnel infrastructure destruction, but also these waters will be transferred to the tunnel itself and will change the quality of the water…which will later flow into Lake Sevan affecting the water quality in Lake Sevan.”

Nevertheless, the Armenian subsidiary of British “Lydian International” Company, Lydian Armenia, doesn’t share the concerns of the environmentalists. Sustainable Development Manager Armen Stepanyan told the “Azatutyun”, they had carried out risk assessment and concluded no threat is posed to Lake Sevan.

The environmentalists think the project may be cancelled through raising a wave of protests: “A civil protest shall be formed to result in the non-implementation of this project,” said Inga Zarafyan, President of “EcoLur” Informational NGO in her interview with the “Azatutyun”.

Any Shake and Explosion Will Affect Existence of Jermuk Water Springs


Amulsar project has been exposed to serious assessments both by international and local experts, as Inga Zarafyan, President of “EcoLur” Informational NGO, told at the meeting with journalists and presented several negative opinions issued by the Government.

“One of them is the assessment of seismic risks by Sevan Committee, which says their negative opinion is not subject to changes, but after two years they changed their opinion. We also have the case of Jermuk, when Mayor and Aldermen’s Council apply to the PM requesting not to allow implementation of this project, which will mean the end of Jermuk. How this project has such active rate after such negative opinions?”

“In 2008 the Armenian Government made a decision to recognize Jermuk as a tourism center and now this decision and Amulsar mining project contradict each other,” Nazeli Vardanyan said. She detailed that shakes and explosions will affect the existence of Jermuk water springs. “Even when a building is constructed in Jermuk, no fundament explosions are carried out, as every shake may cause loss of water spring. Jermuk residents don’t deal with agriculture and it’s not permitted by law, so the only source of living for them is to give their houses for rent for 2-3 months, and if the number of rest makers drastically decreases, they lose their source of living.”

14:20 August 25, 2016


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