Nature Protection Ministry and Ministry of Natural Resources Contradicting Each Other

Nature Protection Ministry and Ministry of Natural Resources Contradicting Each Other


The competent governmental bodies say contradictory information about the processes around Amulsar gold mining project.

On 21 November, Garegin Baghramyan, Acting Minister for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, said at the press conference held on 21 November, that currently, the international experts are studying the risks of Amulsar project which will last 2-3 months.
At the press conference held on 23 November, Acting Nature Protection Minister Erik Grigoryan said that the final selection of the international company to examine Amulsar project hasn't been carried out yet. ' We have carried out pre-qualification, there are applications in the pre-qualification process, nevertheless, the final selection hasn't been carried out,' Erik Grigoryan said.

In reply to EcoLur's question, what the principles of the international selection are, exactly what kind of examinations will be carried out and how the public will take part in this process, Erik Grigoryan said, 'The pre-qualification information is posted online, which says what the principles of the international organization selection are: there are harsh conditions set and the scope of the work will include water resources, biodiversity, geology and air. That is, the main environmental impacts.'

Nature Protection Ministry has disseminated information that 'Environmental Monitoring and Information Center' SNCO is carrying out sampling and isotope lab analysis of surface water, riverbed residues and soil in Amulsar zone. In this regard, Erik Grigoryan noted that the results of the expert assessment are still not ready and probably there will be a need for additional works.

Reminder: Environmental and Mining Inspection Body carried out inspections in Amulsar mine area, detected new red-listed species and proposed RA Nature Protection Ministry to annul state expert assessment statement № ԲՓ-35 approved by RA Nature Protection Minister on 29.04.2016 based on the newly emerged environmental factors. In its turn, RA Nature Protection Ministry conducted additional examinations within one day and stated there are no red-listed species in the mine area.

The Balkani Wildlife Society experts have also detected five new circumstances of Amulsar project impact on biodiversity.

November 23, 2018 at 18:45