Signature Collection Against Metallic Mining at Full Swing in Vayots Dzor

Signature Collection Against Metallic Mining at Full Swing in Vayots Dzor


New and new communities in Vayots Dzor Region are joining the signature collection of a public petition aimed against mining operations in the region. In December 2018, a petition signed by around 3000 Jermuk community residents on making Jermuk an economic and environmental area and banning metallic mining in Jermuk community was handed to PM Nikol Pashinyan, nevertheless, no response has been received so far.

Now Yeghegnadzor, Areni, and Gladzor communities with 2500 signatures have joined this petition to prevent metallic mining in Vayots Dzor Region.

Armenian Environmental Front member, geographer Levon Galstyan thinks this process has emerged from Noyemberyan when in the spring of 2018 it became clear that the people clearly want to submit their opinions to the local government and government.

Under him, in these days the policemen have approached their groups several times asking them what they are doing there.

'Those people who are active and take part in the process, collect signatures, they are being pressurized and there are rumors spread. As a matter of fact, a situation has changed, but numerous officials still carry an old ideology. People are probably afraid of direct democracy. They think that people sitting in their cabinets shall decide the future of citizens, people, and nature,' Levon Gasparyan said.

He mentioned that the public petitions will be directed to the government and local governments as a way of direct democracy.

Photo: AEF

February 11, 2019 at 19:12