In January 2018 "Lydian Armenia" Company Experts and Independent Experts Will Discuss Amulsar Project Risks

In January 2018


In January "Lydian Armenia" Company experts and independent experts will jointly discuss the documentation of Amulsar gold mining project, as RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan said at the Public Council meeting held at RA Nature Protection Ministry on 8 November. Famous international expert companies Blue Minerals Consultancy – Australia, Buka Environmental – the US and Clear Coast Consulting Inc. – Canada, assessed Amulsar gold mining project as risky mentioning that the risks haven't been adequately taken into consideration in the EIA of Amulsar project, which has been issued the positive opinion of RA Nature Protection Ministry. On the other hand, "Lydian Armenia" Company has established a consultation group by the Amulsar project, which shall monitor Amulsar project.

Earlier in his interview given to 'Factor' TV RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan said, '...International experts claim there may be risks, which haven't been quite detected or measures aimed at their reduction are not sufficiently organized. The Ministry proposed to invite the experts from both sides to one forum so as to build a dialogue based on the comprehensive documentation. The meeting will enable us to assess to what extent this project complies with the Armenian legislation and environmental preservation rules.'

13:03 December 12, 2017


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