EBRD Doesn’t Finance Amulsar Project Any Longer
17:22 August 13, 2020 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր
The EBRD remains a shareholder, for now, in Lydian International of Jersey, which has no assets. The lenders will apply to the court in Jersey for it to be wound up
Lydian Armenia Company's Caravans Taken Away
21:12 August 07, 2020 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր
One of their demands was met: the caravans set up by Lydian Armenia's security guards were removed from the road leading to Amulsar by Jermuk Municipality and police and were moved a few meters back to the Amulsar project area
Amulsar Defenders Calling To Get Together For Sake of Amulsar Protection
09:38 August 04, 2020 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր
The security company, which was supposed to protect the property, took over the police function and removed the citizens' caravans at their own discretion and put them on the other side of the road. Now we must all gather here and
Situation in Amulsar Remains Tense
13:28 July 28, 2020 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր
This morning, RA Vayots Dzor police detained three residents to the department, the reason being the clashes that took place last night
Instigation Probable: Amulsar Guard Called To Join Them
18:56 July 17, 2020 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր
Facebook user, activist Hayk Barseghyan called for going to Amulsar, urging to leave for Amulsar at their own responsibility given the current situation in the country


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