On Sale of Land Areas for Amulsar Project and Corruption
16:17 August 14, 2019 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր
This press release gives the impression that the village head can only return the money he has embezzled (it is not known whether it is state or community budget) and is exonerated from responsibility
New Film on Fight To Save Amulsar
14:19 August 05, 2019 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր
On 30 July, 2019, British “War on Want” and “Globarl Justice Now” NGOs announced about their support to the fight against Amulsar gold mining project initiating a global petition against the ISDS
Amulsar Protectors Didn't Allow Investigator and Experts To Enter Amulsar Mine Area
19:49 July 13, 2019 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր
On 13 July, the Amulsar protectors didn’t allow the investigator of RA Criminal Committee and the experts invited within the frames of the criminal case instigated based on the fact of illegal soil management in Amulsar to enter the area of Amulsar gold-bearing quartzite mine
Expert Assessment Opinion on Amulsar Mining project Received
17:21 June 05, 2019 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր | Երեւան
On 31 May 2019, the Investigative Committee received the preliminary opinion of the complex expert assessment on water resources and geology appointed for Amulsar gold-bearing quartzite mining
Statement on International Expert Assessment on Amulsar Problem
11:19 June 05, 2019 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր
RA Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case based on the willful concealing of information about pollution of the environment by officials of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection in the course of environmental impact expert assessment of Amulsar project
Armenia: Judicial harassment and defamation campaigns against several environmental defenders
16:50 May 29, 2019 | Ամուլսար | Վայոց ձոր
The Observatory expresses its deepest concern over the judicial harassment and smear campaigns against Msses. Tehmine Yenoqyan, Ani Khachatryan, Nazeli Vardanyan, Messrs. Levon Galstyan, Shirak Buniatyan and Edmon Aghabekyan and all environmental defenders, as they seem to be only aimed at punishing them for their legitimate human rights activities. The Observatory calls upon the authorities of


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