Again Troubles in Vayots Dzor Because of Amulsar

Again Troubles in Vayots Dzor Because of Amulsar


In reply to the protest demonstration in Jermuk and Gndevaz against the development of Amulsar gold mine, Lydian Armenia Director Hayk Alumyan made a statement which says: 'It's already the second day since around 20 people have blocked the road to Amulsar mine thus depriving 1450 employees of the opportunity to work. Such provocation is directed at the largest investment program in Armenia. From the environmental viewpoint, Amulsar project is the best in Armenia. Though the mining hasn't started yet, there is a negative PR campaign run against the company, where the latest technologies are used to take us out of the international market. This protest demonstration is a slap for the economy of the country and its image. The company is expecting for urgent and legitimate solutions,' Lydian Armenia CEO Hayk Aloyan statement says.

Immediately a Facebook post followed this statement made by the activists based in Jermuk, which said, 'Calling for all to gather near Kechout crossroad to show that the number of protesters is not 15-20 people, as Hayk Aloyan states, but much more.'

Photo by vazgen Galstyan

16:17 June 05, 2018


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