ELARD Experts Invited to Interrogation

ELARD Experts Invited to Interrogation


"A number of data have been obtained in the Amulsar case that require investigations in a new direction, which we are doing now," Hayk Grigoryan, Head of Investigative Committee, told reporters on October 30. He stated that following the Armenian Prime Minister's recommendation to the Ministry of the Environment to delve deeper into whether or not a new EIA was needed, a number of documents had emerged not having been provided to experts previously, and about which the investigative body was not aware of. "It conditions the new development of the investigation," he said.

“In fact, there are three blocks of investigation. One of the blocks that the Environmental Impact Expertise Center of the Ministry of Nature Protection (SNCO) gives an EIA conclusion based on the conclusions given by other stakeholders is now to understand why the EIA was not timely checked or whether the information contained therein was properly checked. And secondly, I think that there is a need for the ELARD experts to question their conclusions for clarification. We should call them for interrogation,” he said.

Hayk Grigoryan said the investigation will also address the question of whether the former Minister of Nature Protection was interested in giving permission.

Referring to the official investigation of Yuri Ivanyan, former head of the Amulsar case, Hayk Grigoryan said that Ivanyan had no substantive or factual connection or interest in Amulsar's case.

The Head of Investigation Committee found it difficult to say when the investigation was expected to end.

October 30, 2019 at 22:00