Nazeli Vardanyan: "I Can See Plaintiff's Intention To Have Hearings Conducted in My Absence"

Nazeli Vardanyan:


On December 12, Yerevan District Court of First Instance held a hearing on the lawsuit of Lydian Armenia CJSC against member of the working group, lawyer Nazeli Vardanyan. Speaking to EcoLur, Nazeli Vardanyan said she had filed a motion to court to reopen the preliminary hearing so she could present evidence and defend her rights. The court did not address her motion.

The motion is due to the fact that Nazeli Vardanyan has not been notified of the court hearings, while the case has entered the stage of litigation. Nazeli Vardanyan's failure to be notified by court is due to the fact that the plaintiff, Lydian Armenia, stated Nazeli Vardanyan's wrong address in the documents filed in court.

“They know my address very well, as I have been in correspondence with them in another court case. No document has been received on this case. I see a tendency that the plaintiff probably intended to have the hearings in my absence,” Nazeli Vardanyan said.

Reminder: Lydian Armenia CJSC, which has the right to develop Amulsar gold-bearing quartzite mine, has filed a lawsuit against Nazeli Vardanyan on grounds of discrediting its business reputation. The company demands from court to oblige Nazeli Vardanyan to publicly refute the phrase "Why does Jermuk fund 80 million when Jermuk is not an affected community ... what does it mean?... it is a form of bribery, there is no other option...". The company considers the expression defamatory and also demands that Nazeli Vardanyan is charged 1,000,000 AMD in favor of Lydian Armenia CJSC as compensation, as well as resolve the judicial costs.

The next court hearing has been appointed on 20 February 2020

December 12, 2019 at 15:32