Protest Demonstration against Amulsar Project: Environmentalists Presented "70 Ton Gold" To Government (Photos)

Protest Demonstration against Amulsar Project: Environmentalists Presented


Today the members of Armenian Environmental Front held a protest demonstration in the downtown of Yerevan against Amulsar gold mining project. The protest demonstration launched from Cascade Complex: besides the posters and flyers, the protest demonstrators also brought a golden ball, which symbolizes the Amulsar mine gold. They are calling for the passers-by to join the protest demonstration and to take a photo with the golden ball and to post the photos on all the social networks with the following hashtags: #70_տոննա_ոսկի_ռումբ, Ամուլսար#70 տոննա ոսկի, #NoMining In Amulsar. The objective was to increase the awareness on Amulsar project risks.

'70 tons of gold to the foreigners and the poison is designed for Armenia. It's the amount of gold, which should be extracted from the soil of Armenia, while the poison will be left to us. This project will pollute the Arpa and Vorotan Rivers, Lake Sevan... No to Amulsar,' Apres Zohrabyan said.'

In his interview with EcoLur, the environmentalist mentioned that Amulsar project still can be stopped, as new circumstances have emerged, based on which a new expertise on Amulsar project should be appointed, which will reveal the real environmental hazards. We speak about the assessment of international expert organizations, which say Amulsar project can't be started.

'We have a problem: people are not aware what kind of hazards they will face in case Amulsar project is implemented. We will lose our water and clean areas... it's a problem for all of us,' Ani Khachatryan said.

The last stop of the protest demonstration was near the building of the Armenian Government. In this very place, they decided to leave the golden ball as a gift to the government supporting Amulsar project.

'This symbolic '70 tons of gold' is presented to the government so as they can remember they can't get full by eating gold. Water, soil and its harvest are more important than gold: Amulsar mining project is going to turn into a disaster for Armenia. Let them who are trying to destroy our nature get choked with this gold,' AEF Member Levon Galstyan said.


September 20, 2017 at 18:09