Arabkir - Most Polluted Area in Yerevan

Arabkir  - Most Polluted Area in Yerevan


Arabkir is the most polluted administrative area in Yerevan, as the data of the State Environmental Inspection of Nature Protection Ministry of Armenia show. According to this show, the hazardous emissions for 2012 in Arabkir made up 11863,1547 tons. Erebouni administrative area holds the second place, where the amount of hazardous emissions for 2012 made up 1005,65772 tons. The third place goes to the Downtown of the capital. Here the pollution with hazardous substances made up 554,40897 tons per year.

The following pollutants are outlined out of hazardous emissions: nitric oxide (NO), carbon monoxide (CO), sulphur dioxide (SO2), methane (CH4) and dust. We would like to state the post polluted area with methane as compared with other areas is Arambkir: emissions for 2012 made up 11024.6 tons/year. Erebouni is marked with two hazardous substances at once: carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide – 609.46 tons\year. Ajapnyak administrative area is a leader in dust level. In 2012 the amount of dust made up 161.92 tons/year. Yerevan Downtown is most polluted with the nitric oxide.  The amount of NO emissions made up 375.61 tons\year. It should be noted that relatively clean administrative areas are Nubarashen, Norq Marash and Davtashen. The main sources of pollution of the atmospheric air in Yerevan are transport, urban development, mines and enterprises. Twenty nine licenses for the development of mines are issued in Yerevan, while the stationary sources of permits for the emission of pollutants into atmosphere are issued to 405 organizations.   

12:30 October 29, 2013


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