Discussing Lease of Territory in Dilijan National Park at State Income Committee

Discussing Lease of Territory in Dilijan National Park at State Income Committee


On 16 December the State Income Committee invited NGOs to discuss the issue of allotting the committee a territory from Dilijan National Park. 

First of all, the public is not pleased with the attitude of stakeholder agencies towards this issue – Nature protection Ministry which supervises National Park. How Nature Protection Ministry is going to allot a zone of 22,5 ha to the State Committee and what is the distance between this zone and the forbidden lot of this national park? Many NGOs raise the question, how this will affect on the ecosystem of the national park, biodiversity conservation and why the Ministry patronizes the partition of the national park.

According to all criteria, the Ministry should be liable for these and other issues as well when organizing public hearings. Moreover, when there is a Aarhus center functioning in Dilijan. Nevertheless, public hearings were not held, as in the case of allotting 67 ha of forest territories to “Dilijan” international school funded by Russian Entrepreneur Ruben Vardanyan. 

Recently “Dilijan” National park Director Ashot Davtyan commented on the load on the National park, which increases particularly in summer, the peak of tourist season, and this load will increase year by year. How the National Park is going to minimize the consequences of this load and this will correlate with the management plan of the national park, which doesn’t comply with international standards? This issue will stay open as well. 

13:56 December 19, 2011


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