No Illegal Forest Felling Detected in "Arpi Litch" National Park This Year (Photo)

No Illegal Forest Felling Detected in "Arpi Litch" National Park This Year (Photo)


Illegal tree felling hasn’t been detected in "Arpi Litch" National Park, Shirak Region, this year, as Aram Gyulkhasyan, Director of “Forest State Monitoring Center” SNCO, told EcoLur during its monitoring visit to "Arpi Litch" National Park.

“Last year we detected around 25 illegally felled down trees, but this year we haven’t detected any illegal felling yet,” Aram Gyulkhasyan said.

In reply to the question at what expense the tree felling has reduced, Aram Gyulkhasyan said, “It’s due to the control exercised by forestry enterprise officers and the fact that people understand forest shouldn’t be damaged, fallen deadwood is provided free of charge, as well as “Artsakh Forest” helps Armenia and provides much firewood for sale.”

“In case of sanitary cleaning w face another problem -  we damage naturally regrown trees, that’s why we have stopped it…the locals don’t need fallen deadwood, the cattle breeding here is very developed here and the houses are heated with kizyak,” said Ara Petrosyan, Director of “Arpi Litch” National Park.

For our part we should mentioned that the cause of decrease in illegal tree felling in the area famous for its cold winters can be conditioned not only with the increase in control and human conscious but increasingly growing emigration.


September 24, 2015 at 16:52