Ichthyologist: Fish Species Let out Into Lake Sevan Are Not Gegharkouni Species

Ichthyologist: Fish Species Let out Into Lake Sevan Are Not Gegharkouni Species


 “The fish let out into Lake Sevan are not Gegharkouni species, but brown trout, hybrids of Gegharkouni or other salmons of unknown origin,” said Samvel Pipoyan, Professor at Biology and Teaching Methodology Department, Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, Dr. in Biological Sciences, at the press conference held at “EcoLur” Press Club on 15 December.

“The Nature Protection Ministry allocates 60 million AMD to certain organizations (fish farms), so as they provide young fish of Gegharkouni species they grow to let them out into the lake. As they can’t ensure the amount required but it’s always pleasant to receive money, the mix other fish species with these fish species to make money and they don’t even think what kind of fish species fall into the lake,” Samvel Pipoyan said. He said the concept of the brown trout didn’t use to be in Lake Sevan basin, but not it lives in the lake.

Samvel Pipoyan outlined, “We have a problem to keep out genofond clean. Genetic pollution is one of the ugliest forms of biological pollution. If we say we have trout in Lake Sevan, it’s not trout in reality.”

Talking about the problem of trout reproduction, Samvel Pipoyan mentioned that in recent 50-60 years there was natural reproduction of the trout in Lake Sevan basin, while Ashot Avalyan, Deputy Head of Staff of Nature Protection Ministry said, that it was the first time he heard about this problem. He outlined the importance of this alarm and promised to present it at the Ministry.

16:38 December 16, 2015


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