Protest Demonstration for Protection of Lake Gosh (Photos)

Protest Demonstration for Protection of Lake Gosh (Photos)


With 'We Are Nature', 'Off Gosh', 'Don't Rape Gosh', 'Away from Gosh' posters 'Away from Gosh' initiative members were holding a protest demonstration at the ecotourism conference held at AUA on 15 April, as the initiative informs.

Reminder: an alarm signal has been beaten in the press and on the social networks recently that heavy machinery is operating in the area of Gosh Lake and violating the local landscape and ecosystem.

Gosh Lake is located in the area of Dilijan National Park, which has been given for lease to 'Vendor' LLC for 60 years. The objective of thi leasing is to organize a rest zone and provide services.

According to the initiative, RA Law 'On Specially Protected Areas of Nature', RA Law 'On Environmental Impact and Expertise' have been violated, 'We will be fighting for the preservation of Gash Lake, and we are even ready to call upon to court. We don't want to lose another miracle of nature,' initiative member Hayk Markosyan said.

In reply RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan particularly said, 'The organization has used heavu machinery to clean the lake area and now its operation has been suspended. We will be conducting a working inspection and after it we will be able to conclude about the caused damage.'

RA Nature Protection Minister and initiative members reached an arrangement to meet at Nature Protection Ministry at 10:30 on 22 April and to discuss the problem.

17:24 April 15, 2017


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