Artsvik Minasyan: No Action To Be Performed in Gosh Lake Area without Environmental Expertise

Artsvik Minasyan: No Action To Be Performed in Gosh Lake Area without Environmental Expertise


'Vendor' LLC hasn't performed any activity in the area of Gosh Lake, as the project they plan to implement hasn't undergone any environmental expertise, as RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan said during his meeting with the citizens concerned with Gosh Lake.

Gosh Lake, a part of Dilijan National Park, has been given for lease to 'Vendor' LLC for 60 years. Recently the company operated heavy machinery in the lake area thus disturbing the local landscape and ecosystem, which caused much sensation among the society. Currently works have been suspended. 'Away from Gosh' initiative members visited the area of Gosh Lake together with the hiker-environmentalists and recorded the following, 'It was completely in a destroyed state: silt was dug out at the height of two meters, where there were stubbed up trees and branches... Caterpillar machinery has stubbed up all the trees and bushes on its way, while most of these trees were cut down in the best case. There is a natural spring above the lake, from where there is a wide and very deeply dug drain, which almost reaches the lake.'

'Away from Gosh' initiative member Armen Avagyan handed the photos of felled down and stubbed out trees to the Minister in the area of lake and the road running to Gosh lake.
'The silt, which has been formed on the lake shore, will be transferred and the lake area will be cleaned. The works will be implemented by the national park with the funding of the leaseholder. We will follow that the initiator of this process will undergo relevant administrative liability, whoever has performed this action without the positive expertise of the project,' the Nature Protection Minister said.

'If this area is given for lease to them for 60 years and they have a construction permit and site development will be carried out. Nevertheless, the company doesn't give any comments on what they are going to construct,' Dilijan National Park Deputy Director Vaghinak Vasilyan said.

'We are trying to enhance our capacities, including through inspections. We have a problem of reforms in the whole system. Dilijan National Park only includes around 34,000 ha area: currently inspection and forest preservation block includes 50-55 people. On average, each person has to inspect around 650-700 ha area. It's too complicated to watch all this using only human potential. We are seeking together with out international partners, including CNF, to carry out technical equipment so as we could enhance control,' the Nature Protection Minister said.

Artsvik Minasyan thanked all those activists, who help to detect unlawful actions. A letter of gratitude was granted to hiker Tigran Shahbazyan for the detection of environmental problems and damage caused to nature.

18:39 April 22, 2017


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