Illegal Hunting Case of Bezoar Goat Detected

Illegal Hunting Case of Bezoar Goat Detected


On 19 December 2018, operative information on poaching was received at Yeghegnadzor Department of RA Police. In cooperation of the Road Police and Vayots Dzor Department of RA Environmental and Mining Inspection Body,  Vahagn A., aged 30, and Vardan Kh., aged 32, were detained from Areni Village section of Yerevan-Meghri highway with the suspicion of poaching. They found the killed corpse of the animal, as well as hunting guns in the trunk of the car, 'Hummer' make. According to Vahagn A.'s verbal statement, the killed animal is a bezoar goat. Materials are being prepared based on this fact.

17:50 December 20, 2018


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