“Arpi Litch” National Park Converting into Reservoir

“Arpi Litch” National Park Converting into Reservoir


“Khazer” NGO is beating an alarm signal that Arpi Lake is planned to be used as a reservoir. The NGO has addressed a letter to the public council established by the Nature Protection Minister, which says, “From 1946 to 1951 Arpi Lake, the capacity of which was about 5 million cum, was converted into a reservoir with 100 million cum capacity. As a matter of fact, the lake stopped existing as a natural ecosystem after being converted into a reservoir. At the discussion of the Kaps reservoir construction project it was found out that “Arpi Litch” reservoir is planned to be constructed together with that reservoir, which is impermissible in our opinion. We are proposing this issue for the consideration of the Public Council.”

Arpi Kale is located within the borders of “Arpi Litch” National Park, which was founded in 2009. German kfW Bank allotted 2.2 million Euros for establishing this national park.

11:47 September 19, 2014


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