Natural Reproduction of Trout Not Ensured in Lake Sevan

Natural Reproduction of Trout Not Ensured in Lake Sevan


The population of Sevan trout in Lake Sevan keeps on surviving at the expense of the young fish grown in artificial conditions, as Bardukh Gabrielyan, Director of the Scientific Center for Zoology and Hydroecology of NAS RA, said at the meeting of scientific and technical board by the Nature Protection Minister held at the end of 2015.

Bardukh Gabrielyan noted that according to the expert assessment, the trout reserves continue to remain at the level of the previous year - around 1-2 tons. It was proposed to strengthen the control of trout preservation in the lake, especially in the spawning seasons in the estuaries.

In 2013-2015 a tendency in the increase of the industrial reserves of the whitefish was recorded in Lake Sevan. In 2015 reduction of rainbow trout was recorded in the lake, which is a result of overhunting. Nevertheless, taking into consideration the undesirable status of this fish species, the fishing of this fish species won’t be limited in 2016 either.

14:27 January 08, 2016


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