Whitefish Reserves Increased in Lake Sevan

Whitefish Reserves Increased in Lake Sevan


Increase in whitefish reserves has been recorded in Lake Sevan, which is still not sufficient for the permission of industrial fishing in the lake, as RA NAS Zoology and Hydroecology Scientific Center specialist Tigran Vardanyan and Sevan National Park Scientific Deputy Director Vahe Gulanyan reported to Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan during his vising made to Gugarq region.

Nature Protection Minister also watched cleaning works of flooded areas in the littoral area next to Gavar Town.

As of September, out of planned 93 ha 52 ha has been cleaned and submitted to the relevant committee of Nature Protection Ministry. Artsvik Minasyan assigned the administration of the national park to include more local residents in the cleaning works of littoral areas with free-of-charge provision of timber to them.

November 09, 2016 at 19:03