Works in Gosh Lake Area Stopped

Works in Gosh Lake Area Stopped


An alarm signal was beaten on the social networks and mass media that heavy machinery is operating in the area of Gosh Lake thus disturbing the local landscape and ecosystem. Gosh Lake is located in the area of Dilijan National Park, which has been given for lease to 'Vendor' LLC for 60 years. The aim of this lease is to organize a rest zone and to provide services. Nature Protection Ministry informed EcoLur that the representatives of the regional Tavush division of State Environmental Inspection of RA Nature Protection Ministry together with the administrative staff of Dilijan National Park jointly visited the area of Gosh Lake. The studies showed that 'Vendor' LLC has carried out cleaning works in the surroundings of Lake Gosh. Currently the works have been stopped and examinations are in progress.

Photo is taken from web site.

12:10 April 11, 2017


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