International Migratory Bird Day Marked on 1 April

International Migratory Bird Day Marked on 1 April


International Migratory Bird Day is marked as an environmental holiday on 1 April, which aims to preserve the number and diversity of birds. On 1 April, 1906 the international convention on Conservation of Birds was signed. This holiday emerged in the USA in 1894 and was soon celebrated all over the world.

This holiday is also available in the Armenian environmental calendar as our country has a problem with the conservation of birds. The last Red Book of Armenia published includes 96 bird species. According to the specialists, the main reasons for bird disappearance in Armenia are modification in natural biotypes, lack of forest territories, irregular use of water environment, drying up of several artificial lakes, unstable environmental state of Lake Sevan and urbanization. Birds have serious significance in the natural chain. They are pollution indicators of the environment, little bearers of green zones, they clean the territory form rodents and insects, while vultures clean from corps.

17:54 April 01, 2019


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