After 28 February Bird Hunters Turned into Poachers (Photos)

After 28 February Bird Hunters Turned into Poachers (Photos)


EcoLur has received an alarm signal about the disastrous state of the birds in Lake Sevana area. As Mamikon Ghasabyan, Chairman of “Armenian Society for Birds Protection” NGO, Head of Vertebrate Species Laboratory of Institute for Zoology of NAS RA, informed us various birds have been been destroyed in Lake Sevan: the reason is lake freezing, which resulted in drastic reduction of forage, as well as easier hunting of birds.

'Birds are in stressed situation and people instead of helping birds under such conditions they hunt them,' Mamikon Ghasabyan said and outlined, 'Bird hunting season was over on 28 February and the hunters have turned into poachers. There are people, wo hunt birds for purpose and there are people, who shoot simply for killing. A normal hunter should help stressed birds and not shoot at them.'

'The Eurasian coot has been eliminated in thousand. People collect these birds in bags,' Mamikon Ghasabyan said.

On 5 March Mamikon Ghasabyan visited the littoral areas of Lake Sevan and witnessed different bird species and how they were hunted.

Mamikon Ghasabyan recalled that in the Soviet years helicopters were used to get forage to birds in case of lake freezing, but now birds can rely on favorable weather only. According to the Hydrometeorological Service, Lake Sevan will get rid of its ice cover by the end of March and beginning of April.

Photos by Mamikon Ghasabyan

10:16 March 07, 2017


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