PEF: "Arpa-3" and "Khachaghbyur" SHPP Projects To Be Issued Negative Conclusions

PEF: "Arpa-3" and "Khachaghbyur" SHPP Projects To Be Issued Negative Conclusions


The Pan-Armenian Environmental front (PEF) insists that "Arpa-3" and "Khachaghbyur" SHPPs are constructed in the territories of state reserves and must be issued negative opinions. On 13 March the statement disseminated by the PEF particularly says: 

“As it turns out that “Jermuk Hydrological” State Reserve is located 2100-2470 meters above sea level within the ranges of Arpa river upper reach catchment area. As “Arpa-3” SHPP is planned to be constructed on the Arpa River 2146-2287 meters above sea level, it’s clear that the SHPP can’t be located beyond reserve territory. Consequently, the Nature Protection Ministry should definitely issue a negative opinion of environmental impact expert assessment.” 

What about “MegaEnergy” LLC, this company has be submitted continuously changing projects of "Khachaghbyur-2" SHPP to be constructed in Getahovit community, Tavush Region, for the environmental expertise in recent two years, the last attempt was on 17 February. During public hearings the Pan-Armenian Environmental Front one again presented its grounded objections on this project and highlighted that this SHPP is constructed within the ranges of “Ijevan” State reserve.





14:53 March 14, 2014


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