October 4 - World Animal Day

October 4 - World Animal Day


On 4 October, World Animal Day is celebrated worldwide. The decision to celebrate this day was adopted in 1931 in Florence, Italy, in the course of the international congress of environment supporters. It aims to draw people's attention to the problems of the other residents of the world.

Many animal protection organizations around the world carry out various mass events and actions every year to this day aiming to raise public awareness about environmental protection and animal protection.

Animal protection organizations in many countries around the world annually celebrate this day. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), three animal species perish on planet Earth every hour, and 70 species of flora and fauna daily. According to these data, in the near future one quarter of all flora and fauna will cease to exist.

On 16 September 2019, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia voted in favor of the bill criminalizing cruel attitude towards animals, which envisages amending the new Article 258.2 of the RA Criminal Code. This Article provides that cruel treatment of animals, combined with hooliganism and resulting in the destruction or maiming of animals, is punishable by a fine ranging from one hundred to three hundred minimal salaries, or by imprisonment for up to one month or three months in prison.

And the same act committed by a group of individuals with the prior consent and particular cruelty, is punishable by a minimum wage of 300 to 500 times or by imprisonment for the term of 1-3 years. The draft was adopted with 74 votes in favor, 11 against and 17 abstentions. According to the bill, maltreatment, fragmentation, poisoning, testing, amputation, skimming, throwing, and organizing battles are considered as manifestations of cruelty.

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