Stork Already Not A Migratory Bird

Stork Already Not A Migratory Bird

Armanush Gevorgyan 3rd Year YSU Student for EcoLur

It's already several years since storks considered to be migratory birds don't leave Armavir Region. Lenughi Village resident Granny Haykanush says this year storks have also stayed in the village. 'I can only enjoy how storks fly over my house: the most important thing is that they don't damage the garden,' Granny Haykanush said.

Ornithologist Silva Adamyan said that the studies having been carried since 2013 have shown that it's already five years since storks don't migrate to warm countries. According to the ornithologist,  the reasons are serious climate changes in Armenia, 'In the past, winters used to be colder for birds in Armenia and it was more difficult to find food. Now it is easier, and the winters are milder. The storks have also changed the time of laying eggs, if in the past they used to lay eggs at the end of March or mid-March, now they lay eggs in February,' Silva Adamyan said.

In the past, storks used to migrate to African countries and Middle Asia where the winters are milder.

December 11, 2018 at 14:57