'Khosrov Forest' State Reserve Employee Charged with Fire Broken out in Reserve
14:50 October 13, 2017 | Կենսաբազմազանություն | Արարատ | Կոտայք
There is an accused in the criminal case on the fire in ‘Khosrov Forest’ State Reserve. As the Advisor to Head of Criminal Investigation Committee of Armenia Sona Truzyan told, the reserve employee was charged
Three Cases of Forest Violation Detected in Dilijan National Park
13:11 October 12, 2017 | Կենսաբազմազանություն | Գեղարքունիք | Տավուշ
The employees of RA Nature Protection Ministry detected three cases of forest violation (6 illegal tree felling) during their inspections: relevant forest violation minutes have
Armenian Police Detected Vulture Hunter
13:47 October 06, 2017 | Կենսաբազմազանություն | Արմավիր
The Armenian Police have detected the hunter of the vultures.Their press release says, 'Due to the measures taken by Armavir Division of Police, it was found
Armenian Police: Hunting of Vultures Couldn't Take Place after 2013
11:40 October 05, 2017 | Կենսաբազմազանություն | Արմավիր
On 4 October there were photos disseminated in the mass media, which showed people with killed red-listed vultures in their hands and a car behind them. The Armenian police have revealed the identity
October 4: World Day of Animal Protection
15:43 October 04, 2017 | Կենսաբազմազանություն
The animal defenders in Armenia continuously raise the issue of animals kept in captivity, and even red-listed animal species are kept in public places, as well as in individual areas. There are
Akhuryan Reservoir Fish Appeared in Armavir Fields
16:31 September 13, 2017 | Կենսաբազմազանություն | Արմավիր
Becuase of water outlets out of Akhuryan reservoir for irrigation purposes, you can find fish in the gorges and fields of Armavir Region, as Hovsep Ghazaryan is beating an alarm signal
Byurakan Observatory Park To Turn into Dendropark
19:15 September 11, 2017 | Կենսաբազմազանություն | Արագածոտն
The park of Byurakan Observatory of NAS RA may turn into a dendropark: as Information and Public Relations Department of RA Nature Protection Ministry informs, several years ago NAS RA applied to Armenian PM with
Stress-Related Tree Blossoming in Khosrov Reserve
18:51 September 11, 2017 | Կենսաբազմազանություն | Արարատ | Կոտայք
WWF Armenia Director Karen Manvelyan posted photos of 'Khosrov Forest' State Reserve on FaceBook and commented, 'Today we saw blossomed apple trees in 'Khosrov Forest' State Reserve, which is naturally
Crawfish Reserves in Lake Sevan Reduced: Prime Minister Gave Instructions
13:28 September 08, 2017 | Կենսաբազմազանություն | Գեղարքունիք
Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan stated at the meeting of the Cabinet that the reserves of crawfish have reduced in the water basin in Armenia, particularly in Lake Sevan. 'The current situation is mainly conditioned


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