“BarevTrails” Project Volunteers Performed Works Aimed at Tourism Development in Planned Tatev National Park (Photos)

“BarevTrails” Project Volunteers Performed Works Aimed at Tourism Development in Planned Tatev National Park (Photos)


From 19 to 26 May, 35 volunteers from Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain and Germany arrived in Armenia to participate in the development of new and improvement of the existing hiking trails focusing on provision of information on natural heritage and biodiversity of an area, including flora, fauna, cultural monuments and other objects of visitors’ interest. The main objective of the project is creating and improving ecotourism infrastructure in the protected areas of Southern Armenia (Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Gnishik Protected Landscape, Tatev Planned National Park and Zangezur Biosphere Complex) and increase in Armenia’s recognition as a country favourable for ecotourism.

As WWF Armenia office informed EcoLur, during the first phase of this three-rear-long project the following works have been performed:

• “Tandzatap” – “Devil’s Brdige” path has been improved,
• Two bridges have been established, one on the road leading to “Tatev’s Great Desert” Monastery, the absence of which used to pose obstacles for the tourists visiting the monastery,
• 17 information signs have been places along the path in the area on the flora and fauna, as well as on the historical and cultural sites,
• Two information stands have been placed in the main parts of the path, which provide comprehensive information about the path to the visitors,
• Path surface has entirely been marked,
• The parts of the path difficult to traverse have been improved to ensure accessibility and increase safety,
• All the writing on the walls of the road leading to “Devil’s Bridge” has been cleaned out.

BarevTrails is a tourism development project. It is the cooperation between Wesser Foundation and WWF Armenia. “Paths for Change” NGO has supported the implementation of this project.


15:25 May 31, 2018


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