"Junior Ranger Program " Implemented in Armenia For First Time


WWF-Armenia, Ayb School and Gnishik Protected Landscape are launching the “Junior Ranger Program” initiative, which is being implemented in Armenia for the first time, as the Press Service of WWF Armenia informs.
Within the framework of the project, schoolchildren from Ayb School will contribute to the ecotourism development, conservation strengthening, wildlife monitoring, environmental awareness raising and education. During some stages of the project schoolchildren from Areni and Khachik communities of the Gnishik Protected Landscape will join the initiative which will strengthen the cooperation between the communities. An informational training and field visit to the Gnishik Protected Landscape have already been organised at the start of the project, during which the participants have got acquainted with the achievements, infrastructures and existing environmental issues of the protected area. Participants will be divided into the groups to initiate and implement various environmental activities together with WWF-Armenia, Ayb School and Gnishik Protected Landscape professionals.

14:57 January 11, 2018


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