Poaching Hunting in “Khosrov Forest” Reserve

Poaching Hunting in “Khosrov Forest” Reserve


In “Khosrov Foresr” State Reserve young activists have detected traces of poachers. They have shot what they saw with photo and video cameras and on behalf of “Khosrov Forest” civic initiative disseminated a press release supporting it with photos and video report (photos by Yeghia Nersisyan, video report in teghutsave webpage on Youtube).

The press release particularly says, “We visited “Khosrov Forest” Reserve on 18 September in the section of “Kaqavaberd”. There we saw traces of a fire, remainders of garbage from barbecues, empty vodka bottles. There we could also see the remainders of slaughtered animals and facilities like ropes ties to the tree etc. The smell was terrible. The shot photos and videos  clearly show that red-listed animals had been hunted…Based on the materials we can judge that the “guests” felt like at home, spent there much time with silent agreement of the reserve, or even it’s not excluded with immediate participation of the administration with the permission of Nature Protection Ministry.

In our opinion, if the reserve director will be fired, this won’t solve this problem, as the main responsibility vests on Nature Protection Ministry represented by Minister. Either Minister’s powers are too weak or whatever is going on is done with his permission. Our video report show cadres where the Minister states that nobody can get into the reserves without his permission,” the statement says.

September 24, 2012 at 16:57

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