World Animal Day Celebrated Worldwide on 4 August

World Animal Day Celebrated Worldwide on 4 August


On 4 October, World Animal Day is celebrated worldwide. The decision to celebrate this day was adopted in 1931 in Florence, Italy, in the course of the international congress of environment supporters. It aims to draw people's attention to the problems of the other residents of the world.

Over recent 25 years, the biodiversity on the earth has reduced three times.
In Armenia, over 17500 animal species live out of 536 are vertebrates. New Red Book of Animals published in 2010 has been added by 54 animal species thus making up 153 from previous 99.

One of the successful projects implemented in Armenia over the recent years is the increase in the population of the leopard (Panthera pardus) from the verge of extinction. According to WWF Armenia Director Karen Manvelyan currently there are 9 leopards in Armenia. Besides, the number of bezoar goats has doubled – from 1500 to 3000.

17:49 October 04, 2018


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