"Dingo Team" Claims "Unigraph X" Lets Out Sterilized Dogs Having Infectious Diseases for Humans

"Dingo Team" Claims "Unigraph X" Lets Out Sterilized Dogs Having Infectious Diseases for Humans


"Dingo Team" claims that the sterilized dogs let out by “Unigraph X” have diseases infectious for the humans. In her interview with EcoLur "Dingo Team" Coordinator Gohar Mamikonyan said that they had found and taken care of 7 dogs sterilized and let out by “Unigraph X” LLC, which are in acute health and psychological state, “One of the dogs we have taken care of has highly infectious disease – the canine distemper virus, which is infectious for all dogs and even a vaccinated dog can get infected. That is, “Unigraph X” LLC together with the Municipality spread infectious diseases in all the areas in Yerevan. As of today, Aleq Manookian-Khanjyan section, Third Quarter and Malatia are considered to be the nidi of canine distemper virus. Several days ago we saved cubs from “Unigraph - X” LLC, who were ill with enteritis, while one of the dogs let out by them yesterday died of another disease. By the way, all these diseases are also infectious for the humans,” Gohar Mamikonyan said.

Zhanna Makhyan, the founder of “Let's Save the Stray Dogs in Armenia” FB page, proposes the Yerevan Municipality to open a shelter for the stray dogs and to develop and adopt a law on not harming the dogs.

“According to the program on sterilization of stray dogs for 2016, “Unigraph X” LLC regularly carried out sterilization of stray dogs upon the order of Yerevan Municipality. The animals are subject to relevant vaccinations to prevent the further spread of probable diseases, as well as to prevent the penetration of ill and aggressive dogs into certain areas. After the treatment the stray dogs don’t pose any danger and they wear collars.

“Unigraph X” LLC Company Responsible Person Lilit Grigoryan in her interview given to the “Aravot” newspaper denied the words of the animal lovers, ‘All the animals sterilized by“Unigraph X” LLC Company are normally operated on and now I can’t say which animals they have caught and observed. There is no infection. The car is regularly infected washed. All the sterilized stray dogs let out in the administrative region have been treated and vaccinated properly.’

March 11, 2016 at 12:55