Yerevan Municipality Doesn't Respond to Questions on Dalma Gardens

Yerevan Municipality Doesn't Respond to Questions on Dalma Gardens


Yerevan Municipality once again didn't respond to the complaints of the ex-landowners of Dalma Gardens. Yerevan Municipality is not responding to EcoLur's inquiry on Dalma problem for about 4 months.

Still in January 2018, the ex-land users of Dalma Gardens held a protest demonstration near the seat of the Armenian President demanding compensation for the land areas seized from them. They told EcoLur that Yerevan Municipality had sued several investors to receive the compensation and to provide it to the land users. In this regard, EcoLur has sent an enquiry to Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan to receive information whom the areas of Dalma Gardens had been sold to, how many trees had been felled down in different processes in Dalma Gardens, how many Dalma Garden land owners haven't received their complete compensation so far and what the amount of the total compensation is, whether Yerevan Municipality also has a commitment to compensation towards the ex-land owners of Dalma Gardens, if yes, what the amount of this compensation is, how much area had been sold to different investors and individuals, what kind of investment projects have been implemented in the area of Dalma Gardens, what kind of investment projects are planned to be impelemented etc.

Reminder: Dalma Gardens used to be national value having the history of millennia, traditional agriculture, environmental significance and multifunctional significance in general. This area used to have orchards and vineyards.

Since 2004 Yerevan Municipality has sold the land areas of Dalma Gardens to different individuals and companies depriving the landowners of their rights. Numerous court litigations took place based on the claims lodged by the leaseholders. Nevertheless, their right to land hasn't been recovered. The Aarhus Convention Compliance reached a decision in 2008, which says Armenia has violated several provisions of the Arhus Convention in regard to Dalma Gardens.

14:46 May 25, 2018


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