Green Contour of Capital To Be Changed

Green Contour of Capital To Be Changed


New urban authorities are promising to drastically change the green contour of the capital. Yerevan Municipality Environmental Department Head Khachik Hakobyan presented Yerevan greening program to be implemented in 2019 and next years at Armenpress Press Hall.
According to him, over 2 million flower seedlings will be planted, flower beds will be established with new flower species typical of the city.
'It is planned to replace old decorative tree species with evergreen trees in around 1 ha area to be freed of cafes in the area of Freedom Square. A new green-covered zone will be reanimated here and these works have already launched.
Next to Nubarashen landfill site, works on the formation of a new forest-park have already launched on 20 ha area in the frames of community-private sector cooperation. When Nubarashen landfill site is reclaimed, the forest area will be developed in this section as well.
Around 3 ha of the area adjacent to Davtashen-Ashtarak section of North-South highway will be greened. New urban development works will be launched on 27 ha area in the section adjacent to Monte Melqonyan highway, where greening works are planned on 70% of the area,' Khachik Hakobyan said.
Under Hakobyan, a new irrigation network will be constructed in 2019. Tree planting will be carried out only in those areas, where there is irrigation water available. Khachik Hakobyan noted that tree nursery and greenhouse economies will be developed: a regulated pruning policy will be introduced.
He outlined that an institute of 'green' projects will be introduced – any site development project shall include works on establishing green surfaces.
Chief Researcher at Institute of Botany of NAS RA, Dr. in Biological Sciences, Professor Gohar Oganezova mentioned the programme is good, nevertheless, it is hard to imagine how it will be implemented, especially in Yerevan Center.
'Specialists have been speaking about the problems for over 20 years, especially about the active seizure of green areas rapidly occurring in the center. We have the biggest problems in the downtown. The situation is disastrous in terms of building construction, the buildings are very close to each other, the center already doesn't breathe, air purity is a problem, the temperature is higher, the number of cars is disastrous, while our city is not ready for this at all. Greening should be three-layered, at that time the pavements will be more available for people, vegetation will cover the entire bad flow from cars to people, we will have an incomparably favorable situation for the population. Now we have more opportunities to improve the situation in the urban suburbs than in the downtown. I can't imagine having garages in the yard areas and don't know how this problem will be solved. It would be much better if the yard areas turn into parks. Besides that if we plant vertical trees on the pavements, we won't have a good shadow, while it is very important for us in the summer,' Gohar Oganezova said.

15:41 January 16, 2019


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