Complete Map of Yerevan City Noise Planned to Develop

Complete Map of Yerevan City Noise Planned to Develop


The specialists of “National Center for Disease Control and Prevention” SNCO of RA Health Ministry A project on combating noise has been formulated in Yerevan City, which aims to examine and analyse the noise impacting the environment in noisier areas of the town, to detect the main sources, types and to establish a noise map, which will enable having a clear understanding about the level of the noise in the residential areas.

As Yerevan City is rather large and the map of noise mainly includes the noise of transport flow, in the first stage, in 2018, the measurements were carried out in relatively noisier areas in the downtown. BY 2021 it is planned to carry out measurements in the whole area of the city and to map all the communities.

The main factors promoting the increase in noise level are transportation means, as well as buildings in wrong locations and arrangements, which promote the enhancement of the noise and its dissemination. The increase in construction works, where standards are also not taken into consideration, has also led to the fact that the level of noise in the environment has exceeded the permissible level by 20-30 decibel.

The project on combating noise in Yerevan is unique and includes rather huge information, as the noise map was last drawn in 1976, as the Health Ministry informs.

February 12, 2019 at 12:58