"Доброе дело" Initiative Members Cleaned Yerevan Botanical Garden from Garbage


On 27 April, the members of "Доброе дело" Initiative cleaned the area of Yerevan Botanical Garden from the garbage: volunteers from Yerevan, Dilijan, Spitak, Gyumri and Siberia took part in this initiative.

"Around 50 bags of garbage were collected: we managed to sort half of these bags into plastic and glass and send to "EcoGarbage" environmental NGO. We want to receive flower pits from this garbage recycling, to plant flowers and return them to Botanical Garden," "Доброе дело" Initiative Organizer Mariam Sukhudyan told EcoLur.

"Доброе дело" Initiative has originated from Koh Samui island, Thailand. A man named Arthur Sita has thrown a symbolic broom as a challenge to clean the environment from garbage, to organize tree planting and to have this challenge spread all over the world.

The photos have been provided by Mariam Sukhudyan.

15:25 April 29, 2019


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