Yerevan Municipality Presenting Its Plans on Capital Landscape Greening

Yerevan Municipality Presenting Its Plans on Capital Landscape Greening


Yerevan Municipality presented its landscape greening programs in the capital. According to the information of the municipality, active works are being carried out these days to implement the project of restoration of the green zone in Saralanj area of about 12 hectares. Irrigation system is being built. It is planned to irrigate the area by drip irrigation. After the irrigation system is installed, the area will be leveled as much as possible, and tree planting will start in the fall.

Yerevan Municipality is going to restore the community areas of Tsitsernakaberd forest zone. A new network is also being set up to irrigate Tsitsernakaberd. "Approximately 65 km of irrigation network is in a state of emergency. In 2020 it is planned to restore the emergency pipes, which will allow to further expand the network,” the first deputy mayor said.

“Landscaping and Environmental Protection” SNCO established in 2019 by the decision of Yerevan Aldermen’s Council, has planted about 250,000 shrubs and 800 trees. This year a number of garden parks will be improved and landscaped, green areas will be restored. The community authorities also expect the support of the citizens to treat and protect the green areas with care.

May 12, 2020 at 12:41