Public in Dilijan Combined To Solve Community Problems

Public in Dilijan Combined To Solve Community Problems


A working group will be established in Dilijan to solve the problems hindering its development. Such a decision was adopted at the public discussion held at Dilijan Town Municipality on 7 September, where the participants were Dilijan Mayor, Aldermen’s Council members and Dilijan Aarhus Center Coordinator Albert Haroyan, as website informs.

Upon Albert Haroyan’s proposal, the working group will be formed in a four-lateral format – active citizens, local government representatives, business sector representatives and NGO representatives. If needed, the specialists from other fields will be engaged.

“Among the problems hindering the community development and safety, the problem of garbage was particularly mentioned, ignorance of any foreign language by service field workers, the appearance of the residential houses and buildings in the community and night lighting, stray animals, the need for proper specialists and other various problems,” the statement says.

11:18 September 16, 2013


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