Crow Nests Destroyed in Yerevan

Crow Nests Destroyed in Yerevan


The International Bird Day is celebrated on 1 April to draw people’s attention to the problems of the preservation of these small creatures. To what extent the birds are safe in our capital. Recently EcoLur received photos from Yerevan residents, which showed how some people drop the nests of the crows from the trees and kill these nestlings. In this regard, “Center for Bird Lovers” NGO President Silva Adamyan said, “Who allowed to destroy the nests of the crows, whether they spoke to the specialists, whether they calculated with the specialists what number can be taken out of the city. This is a serious professional problem and it should be negotiated with the serious professionals to understand the situation in the town in regard with the birds. I think it’s a gross mistake. If we want the number of the crows to decrease in the city, we should seriously treat garbage collection and greening in the city. The more green zones we have – trees, orchards, the more singing birds we will have, the cleaner our city will be and the fewer crows will be there,” Silva Adamyan said.

In reply to EcoLur’s observation that Yerevan Municipality also fights against the insects with tree pruning and whether this pruning promotes migration of birds, Silva Adamyan said, “The less green the more trees pruned in this way, which, as we can see, are not suitable for the bird nesting. This city is densely populated and is not site developed in correct manner, no environmental standard is adhered to and we should all think about it both the relevant bodies and the mayor. We should apply also to Nature Protection Ministry and Institute of Botany to find the solution to this problem in combined efforts.”


Photos by Gohar Hajinyan

April 01, 2016 at 19:53