Again on Deep Pruning of Trees

Again on Deep Pruning of Trees


A criminal case has been initiated based on the tree felling conducted in front of ‘Dolphin’ swimming pool in Aghababyan Street, Davtashen. The photos of cut down trees were published in the mass media and on social networks. We would like to draw your attention to other photos of the trees, which underwent deep pruning. Actually there is no difference between them. Deep pruning of trees is an official measure, which is annually carried out in Yerevan as an environmental measure. In fall 2016 12000 trees underwent to deep pruning and 15000 trees in the spring. It’s rather interesting there are different photos on the events held in the city on the municipality website, but there are no photos showing distorted trees like in Davtashen. According to the explanations of the specialists from Yerevan Municipality, the main reason is the fights against pests and insects. Besides, deep pruning there are numerous other measures to fights pests, which are also available in Yerevan, if needed.

13:39 April 18, 2017


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