Tree Felling on Threshold of Summer in Yerevan (Photos)

Tree Felling on Threshold of Summer in Yerevan (Photos)


Green trees are being cut down and exposed to deep pruning in Artsakh street, near the railway, as the residents are beating an alarm signal to EcoLur. 'Yesterday we had dense trees here, but today there is an open field here,' the residents said. The photos show that the tree cutters are not in uniforms. EcoLur Group's FB member Vardan Vardanyan posted the photos of the felled down trees in Yerevan and wrote: 'Another vandal tree felling in the center of Yerevan. Yerevan Municipality, thick trees had been cut off from their stubs, is this a new version of deep pruning?' The official launch of tree pruning began on 1 March and was accomplished on 20 April. EcoLur is addressing these alarm signals to RA Nature Protection Ministry and Yerevan Municipality.

Paronyan street

17:09 May 11, 2017


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