Ice Climbing - New Opportunity to Develop Winter Tourism in Jermuk

Ice Climbing - New Opportunity to Develop Winter Tourism in Jermuk

Luiza Abrahamyan, YSU Third-Year Student of Journalism Faculty for EcoLur

The tourists in Jermuk Town, Vayots Dzor, and all the interested people will be provided with ice climbing as a service, if weather conditions are appropriate, as 'Jermuk Development Center' NGO President said in his interview with EcoLur. Under him, ice climbing should have been organized still last winter, nevertheless, wild weather disturbed their plans as there was no sufficiently firm ice.

Armenia has never had regular services of ice climbing and the development of this sport is a new winter interest. Preparation works have launched since 2014.

One of the festivals held in Jermuk in the winter is 'Snowman: Festival of Snow Art', which gathers the lovers of winter games and sports and promotes the development of winter tourism.

The wide range of winter interests promotes the increase in tourists. 'Jermuk is the only place in Armenia where it is possible to carry out ice climbing in the three months of the winter. Here we have both human and material resources, we just need professional and technical potential,' Vazgen Galstyan said.


04:00 January 11, 2019


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