"Hayjrmughkoyughi" CJSC Didn't Perform Court Ruling

"Hayjrmughkoyughi" CJSC Didn't Perform Court Ruling


So far "Hayjrmughkoyughi" CJSC hasn't performed the court ruling of the General Jurisdiction of Syunik Region entered into force on 24.03.2011. As 'Regional Monitoring Institute' NGO told EcoLur, the court ruling satisfied the claim of a group of Kapan residents against  'Hayjrmughkoyughi CJSC. Court obliged Hayjrmughkoyughi" CJSC to perform the obligations undertaken in the agreement signed with the subscribers, i.e. to ensure the removal and cleaning of sewage and to eliminate the hazard threatening to human health and environment.

According to 'Regional Monitoring Institute' NGO, the claimants have called out to the Syunik Regional Court of General Jurisdiction on 16.10.2012 and recieved the execution paper, with which 'Hayjrmughkoyughi CJSC should have performed the court ruling. 'We have recieved the copy of the decision from Kentron and Norq Marash Law enforcement body signed by A. Makyan, which says that during execution actions it was impossible to ensure the execution of the act. As a matter of fact, the Law enforcement body demonstrated non-substantiated action thus neglecting the hazard to environment and human health,' the NGO says.

Reminder: the question on cleaning sewage was left unanswered at the discussion on water supply and water discharge held at Kapan Regional Municipality on 5 August. 

August 17, 2015 at 15:46