Today is 30th Anniversary of 25,000 Victims in 1998's Quake

Today is 30th Anniversary of 25,000 Victims in 1998's Quake


Around 25000 people died in Spitak, Gyumri and Vanadzor towns and adjacent villages as a result of the disastrous quake having occurred on 7 December 1988. It also caused a loss of US$ 15-20 billion. The consequences of this disaster haven't been eliminated in 30 years after this disaster. There are still families in the disaster zone, which lives in temporary houses.

According to the specialists, the quake in Spital won't result in so many victims and destructions, if the extent of seismic risks were not underestimated and especially if multicomplex buildings constructed in the Soviet years didn't have that low quality.

Specialists are beating an alarm signal that today Yerevan is not ready to overcome dense population in the downtown of the capital in case of strong quakes, the availability of damages buildings, low level of seismic resistance of buildings, low-quality construction and empty spaces in the soil under Yerevan. They claim measures should be taken to avoid a disaster.


15:35 December 07, 2018


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