Eight Towns in Armenia To Take Part in ''Earth Hour'' World Campaign
15:27 March 17, 2016 | Քաղաքներ | Արագածոտն | Կոտայք | Լոռի | Շիրակ | Տավուշ | Երեւան
Eight towns in Armenia will join ''Earth Hour'' public campaign to be held on 19 March, which aims to gather the society, business, communities and other stakeholders around one idea – to switch off light for one hour for
Tree Lessening Works in Process in Botanical Garden
11:42 March 17, 2016 | Քաղաքներ | Երեւան
Today EcoLur has received an alarm signal that a tree is being cut down in the Botanical Garden, Yerevan. EcoLur contacted Deputy Director of the Institute of Botany of NAS RA Gagik Movsisyan who said that tree pruning and lessening works
7000 Trees Pruned in Yerevan
16:51 March 16, 2016 | Քաղաքներ | Երեւան
7000 trees have been pruned in 12 administrative areas of Yerevan, as the Information and Public Relations Department
"Unigraph X" LLC Officially Denying
13:40 March 12, 2016 | Քաղաքներ | Երեւան
"Unigraph X" LLC has disseminated a statement, where it denies the alarm signals and information, which say the company doesn’t
"Optimization" of Tamanyan Museum
14:47 March 02, 2016 | Քաղաքներ | Երեւան
The Armenian authorities are haunted by the museum after Alexander Tamanyan for over 10 years. The intention to combine its with the Museum of Architecture arose
Yerevan Municipality Warning: Mainly Elms Subject to Deep Pruning
16:08 March 01, 2016 | Քաղաքներ | Երեւան
From 1 March the spring pruning of the trees will launch in Yerevan. As Yerevan Municipality informs, deep pruning will be applied only trees with destroyed root system, which are mainly elms: they account
Tree Felling in Mashtots Avenue in Yerevan
16:08 February 29, 2016 | Քաղաքներ | Երեւան
Today EcoLur has received an alarm signal from a Yerevan resident, who says that the mulberry tree located near 'Zigzag' store in Mashtots Avenue has been cut down. As the resident is sure the tree has been cut down by 'Zigzag' store
Historical and Cultural Buildings To Be Destroyed (Photos)
18:28 February 22, 2016 | Քաղաքներ | Երեւան
Which cultural and historical monument buildings will be destroyed in Yerevan? “Victims of Eminent Domain” NGO Chairman Sedrak Baghdasaryan points out buildings. “These are buildings number 10 and 12 on


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