Spring Pruning of Trees Launched in Yerevan (Photos)

Spring Pruning of Trees Launched in Yerevan (Photos)


From 1 March the spring pruning have been launched in Yerevan, which will last till 20 April, as Yerevan Municipality informs. In parallel with the launch of tree pruning EcoLur is receiving alarm signals from Yerevan residents, that already pruned trees are being pruned once again. Avan resident told EcoLur, 'I'm telling them it's impossible to prune trees twice a year, so you stress them out, but they say we were told to do, so we are doing it.' In his interview with EcoLur, Zhirayr Vardanyan, Director of Institute of Botany NAS RA, said that trees are not always pruned in the right way. 'Pruning shall be done based to needs – age of tree, tree species and need. Pruning shall not result in having the stub only,' Zhirays Vardanyan said.

Below you can see the photos of freshly pruned trees.

12:48 April 06, 2017


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