Stepan Danielyan: Public in Armenia Ready for Revolution

Stepan Danielyan: Public in Armenia Ready for Revolution

Masha Gasparyan for EcoLur

The public in Armenia is ready for revolution: this is the opinion expressed by Stepan Danielyan, Chairman of “Cooperation for Democracy” Center. Danielyan is one of dismantling brigade member in Mashtots Park, who took part in the process of returning public territory. “The situation is real, utmost and hopeless. When there is no hope, no progress, people leave their hometowns, all this leads the country either to the verge of elimination or revolution,” he said. 

When he was asked what the fight in Mashtots Park was eventually directed at, S. Danielyan answered, “The fight was not directed against something, but for something, for the park to serve public needs. Young environmentalists started this fight and they acted so consecutively, they remained at cold winter nights in the park, they had several clashes with the police. We (dismantling brigade members) when saw all this, we had no right to stay aside and had to join them. When you do something, you have certain interests. What’s your interest in this particular case?”

- Both political parties and social groups started accusing us of having secret interests and orders. We didn’t acquire any funds, we were judged. Instead of eminent domain, hostile atmosphere started generating around us. We just had our small contribution to help the youth,” Stepan Danielyan said. 

Photo by Masha Gasparyan

July 03, 2012 at 15:34

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