Weeping for Dalma Gardens!!!

Weeping for Dalma Gardens!!!


Historical and cultural monument, Dalma Garden, has been being destroyed within 9 consecutive years in Yerevan. Ruzan Kazaryan, Chairperson of Dalma-Sona Fund, deals with the problem of Dalma Garden owners. She writes on Facebook, “People often ask me whether it’s possible to save at least part of Dalma Gardens and what is left from them? But I want to tell them that Dalma Gardens is not Mashtots square, nor an Opera House or park in Nork. This is a huge territory since Urartian kings, it used to be a historical monument in the form of gardens which stretched from Erebuni Museum to Yerevan Lake, then farther to Tsitsernakaberd, Hrazdan Gorge and much farther, up to Zvartnots Airport and to Echmiadzin through Argavand. It used to be a forest planted with fruit tress and vineyards, unique in their species. The world didn’t have something like that and already won’t have.”

For our part, we would like to add that no only urban authorities should be blamed for the elimination of Dalma Gardens, but the whole oligarchic structure, while nobody bears any responsibility for it, neither moral nor legal. 

Photo by Tigran Sargsyan

July 30, 2012 at 01:30