What Happened with Yerevan Plane trees? Another Alarm Signal (Photos)

What Happened with Yerevan Plane trees? Another Alarm Signal (Photos)


The square in front of the building of State Opera and Ballet is massively being deprived of many-year-long plane trees. The square is located at the crossroad of Mashtots and Baghramyan Avenues, next to French Square, while the monument to Alexander Tamanyan is on the other side. 'The photos clearly show dried out trees or individual dried out branches. As botanists think, the current signs shows that the root system of the trees have been damaged, which may be the result of illiterate development of the area or violation of the conditions of tree development.

These plane trees were planted in 1937-1938, they are about 80, but plane trees are valuable tree species and they can live thousands of years. They were imported to beautify the city and to ensure its functional significance. For many years plane trees have served Yerevan residents with truth and belief, but they are being eliminated not evidently, but consistently,' Professor Lia Osipyan, a world- famous botanist and Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia says.

Nevertheless, even preserved plane trees are developing in an ugly manner: the tree trunks have huge diameters, while their leaves are improportionately small. Instead of wonderful huge trees we have only their remainders in the square, which is already the result of deep pruning of trees.

Another series of photos sent by a resident from Nor-Norq Massive, can show how illiterate construction may destroy trees. A new construction has been launched next to the monument to Hayq. The trees located in the construction area are surrounded with metallic fences, which don't make it possible to water them. The root system is exposed to destruction, as it is under the impact of site development. The residents have applied to Yerevan Municipality, where they were asked to tell their contact numbers and passport data.

Signal alarms on the destruction of the green zones in Yerevan have been beaten for many years. Because of indifference and direct cronyism of the authorities we have already lost these green zones: Dalma Gardens, Nork Forest, Ring Square, Opera Park, Victory Park, Student Park, Slopes of Hrazdan Gorge, Forest Square on the monument...This list is still to be continued.

14:29 May 22, 2017


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