Who Is Guilty of Flooding of Yerevan Streets In Heavy Rains?

Who Is Guilty of Flooding of Yerevan Streets In Heavy Rains?


After each heavy rainfall in Yerevan there are huge ponds emerging in Yerevan streets causing enormous inconveniences to the citizens and hindering the traffic.

During the regular working meeting in the City Hall Mayor Taron Margaryan referred to water accumulations in the streets caused by heavy rainfalls occurred the previous week, as well as to the problems rooted in drainage systems. He stressed that the maintenance of rain pipes, drainage systems and the whole system of water supply are beyond Yerevan Municipality functions.

“For many years all the blames related to this have been put on us while the maintenance of the rain pipes, drainage systems and water supply is the function of “Veolia Jur” company. Moreover, the control over the activity of this company is also beyond the powers of Yerevan Municipality and that control is exercised by the State Committee for Water Management. Public should be aware who is responsible for what and who will take the responsibility for citizens’ inconveniences. Those who think that staying hidden and not coming up with announcements they will remain unknown are mistaken. We will go on demanding as citizens apply to us so we demand it from you even though the control for it is beyond Yerevan Municipality powers.

In this concrete case the cleaning and maintenance of drainages is the obligation of “Veolia Water” company. According to weather forecast heavy rainfalls are expected this week too. So, go and get ready, clean up the drainage pipes so that such problems won’t appear again”, stressed Taron Margaryan.

In this regard, “Veolia Jur” company disseminated a press release with explanations: “One of the main functions of “Veolia Jur” CJSC is the management of rainwater drainage systems in the residential areas given to its control under the leasing agreement. The system we have leased is the state property of Armenia and has many drawbacks, particularly, not all streets have rainwater drainage systems, while the capacity of the existing rainwater doesn’t allow the smooth discharge of the rainwater. That is the result of the fact that the intensive development of Yerevan over the recent decades was not accompanied with the relevant expansion of the drainage system. In many places, the surface of asphalted areas has expanded leading to the increase of the amount of emerged rainwater, while the capacity of the rainwater pipelines remained the same. While in many neighbourhoods with newly constructed blocks of flats, the network of yard drainage system doesn’t exist at all or is half-constructed.

The fundamental solution to this problem is the development of the existing system at full swing, which assumed large-scale capital investment, which is vested on the State Committee of Water Industry in line with the leasing agreement signed between French “Veolia Group” Company and the Government of the Republic of Armenia.”

19:07 May 30, 2018


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